Potholder Craft

Mother’s Day this year was a Potholder Pro Craft-a-thon (at least for me it was). I let Mom pick Several of these to keep, and my sister took some home too. The homemade potholder upgrade was long overdue, as my parents were still using the 5″ potholders I made for them in my youth. The new ones were almost doubled in size, and the old ones were ratty with so much grease on them they were uncomfortable to touch. Luckily I was able to convince my folks to retire the old ones and they were demoted to Dad’s wood shop in the basement.

Pro Sized Potholder Collage
Mother’s Day of 2020 turned out to be a Pro Sized Potholder Craftathon.

Pock Potholder Construction

Tight Weave Potholder Construction

Pro Potholder Showcase

Friendly Loom Potholder Wizard

I’ve been exploring and crafting potholders thanks to the Friendly Loom from Harrisville. They have an awesome creator that allows you to plan out your designs before you weave them on the loom. The Potholder Wizard is a free web app available on their website along with their shop with all of your potholder craft needs. View some of the PRO Sized Potholder Patterns I created with this awesome tool.

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