Hi, I’m Teale

An ambitious, loving and energetic creative who enjoys the journey on every adventure and takes notes for the drawing board.

Life, The Universe & Everything

Teale Rose Designs inspires a creative path in life. My aspiration is to live in the moment, trekking one step at a time. I am a designer at heart and am always looking for my next project. I am learning and growing when I get to work with clients to get their design needs met. Roots from Colorado have a big influence on my style and my work is always changing. Projects range from logo design, business cards, typography, posters, & WordPress web design and upkeep. I am excited to embark on new projects outside of my skill set. Life and technology is always changing, and I am learning new things everyday. My Clients get the attention to detail and respect they deserve. My goal is to design work that my clients love.


  • Friends of Lory State Park Fundraiser via Rally Up, 2020
  • Jax One Woman Team Recognition, 2019
  • Jax Goose Awards, Bark Bucks, and Red Plate Award, 2018
  • Shear-It-Up Website Make Over, 2017
  • Avago Technologies, Dramatization Award, 2016
  • Fort Lewis College IT, Plotter Guru, 2015
  • Fort Lewis College BA Graduate, 2015
  • Senior Seminar, The Final Countdown, Main Art Gallery, 2013
  • Basket Weaving, Containment, Exit Gallery, 2013
  • Basic Painting, Colby, Exit Gallery, 2012
  • Gamblin Torrit Grey Competition, 2012
  • Sophomore Seminar, Apocalyptica, Exit Gallery, 2012


  • Apps [Microsoft Office / Excel, Prezi, iMovie]
  • Code [CSS3, HTML5, C#, LaTeX]
  • Computers [Apple, Linux, PC]
  • Design [Adobe [PS, AI, ID], Type, Unity]
  • Internet [Google,Firefox, Safari, Duck Duck Go]
  • Video [Quicktime, Telegram, VR, Youtube, Zoom]
  • Search [Spotlight, Explorer]
  • Web [BigCommerce, WordPress + Plugins, MailChimp, Rally up]


I have been teaching myself an array of skills since I’ve graduated College with a BA in the Arts. My focus is Graphic Design but that doesn’t deter me from learning and experiencing new projects and mediums. I’m learning something new every day not only to better myself but to keep the wheels turning. The main benefit I retained from college is how to keep the knowledge coming and how to grow more everyday. I am building my business as a freelance designer, as well as exploring unity game development and c# scripting.


  • Teale Rose Designs : Posters + Business Cards + Letterheads + Logos + Websites + Merchandise + Fundraisers + Ads + Vinyl’s = Love What You Do!
  • Hamilton Education : Curriculum Layout Design = LaTeX Coding!
  • Jax Mercantile : Customer Service + IT Support + Project Manager + Website Migration / Maintenance + SEO / Google Analytics + Database Management + FilemakerPro Development + Product Pages + Vendor Brand Presence + Front End Coding / Troubleshooting = Web Team Superstar!


  • Be here NOW
  • Live to the Fullest
  • Let the Universe Provide
  • Learn, live, love, & inspire

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