Beer Cheese Dip

I never imagined I could make my own cheese dip until very recently. There are plenty of recipes out there and with fresh grated cheeses so the flavor is natural vs the jalapeƱo cheddar cheese sauce we used to buy from the grocery. This dip is perfect for dipping soft pretzels, smoked meats, steamed veggies,…

Soft Pretzels

We love Alton Brown’s homemade pretzels recipe and they never fail to make an occasion Special! I’m not too keen on the fixins featured in good eats though. We much prefer serving our soft pretzels in homemade beer cheese dip. This complementary dip is made with extra sharp cheddar, smoked gouda and accented with spicy…

Hatch Green Chili

Hatch Green Chili has become one of my favorite additions to almost any meal. I learned how to make this recipe from No Hippie BBQ & Cooking. After a bit of experimentation and practice I got WOWed from the results. This time (version 2) was a special meal because we not only used Homemade Bone…

Bone Broth

Mary’s Nest taught me how to make Gelatinous Bone Broth with our instant pot pressure cooker. This recipe uses the food that would otherwise go to waste and allows us to upcycle it into our next meal. The Recipe

Trail Mix

Sometimes all you need is something light and a snack that doesn’t leave you crashing within an hour. This super basic recipe is ideal for the road, the office, or to hold you over until dinner. The Recipe