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Variation Guide

There are 8 types of curations–indicated by number–for Web Styles based on item card attributes, (color/attr1, size run & alt size/attr2). An additional curation is needed–indicated by letter–for other elements that affect the functionality of a product page. The curation of the Web Style will be indicated at the end of the name. Web Style formula starts with the brand code, followed by the item number or alt style abbreviation, and ends with the curation code. 






Group: TNF_123_2Y

Unique: TNF_123_Red_2N

Number Curation

  1. Unique (Cannot Group)
  2. A (Color / Attr1)
  3. B (Size Run)
  4. C (Attr2)
  5. AB (Color & Size Run)
  6. AC (Color & Attr2)
  7. BC (Size Run & Attr2)
  8. ABC (All 3)

Letter Curation

Y = color image added

N = color image missing

D = past seasons / discontinued

Web Style Curation Practice

Apparel (1) Color and Size Run Attributes; (2) Has Color Image; (3) Past Seasons

  • TNF_123_5YD

Apparel (1) Color and Size Run Attributes; (2) No Color Image; (3) Past Seasons

  • TNF_123_Red_5ND

Sell on Web

Styles that are unique (curation 1) will be marked “sell on web.”

Web Style groups will have one parent style that will be marked “sell on web.”

All child styles will share a Web Style with the parent style but they will not be marked “sell on web.  


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