Life Lessons

8 page Zine, “Through the Spectacles of a Child”

There is multitudes of gratification by living life in a positive and open demeanor. The following Zine has been digitized and includes seven lessons I have learned in life, and know to be true. If it takes mistakes to scaffold our life journey so that we are constantly learning, then I say lets make as many mistakes as it takes to gain partial clarity.

photoshoped meme - meant to behave

Digi Puppy

Isn’t this guy just adorable! I added some quick edits with Photoshop using predominantly filters and blending modes, and minimal brush work. Sometimes creating an image can be somewhat of a surprise when the edit is complete. I love the way the white digitized into neon lines on black in the middle of his adorable face.  

On a different note,

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I will be relatively digital free this weekend, so I will think of this guy when I am in the desert. Some friends and I are meeting up in Utah to camp near Lake Powell and have so much fun on the water. I cannot wait to try out some of my backpacking gear! My companions are car camping pretty comfy. Nevertheless this is a great chance for me to familiarize myself with the gear I have acquired from my dad for my trip in late June. I hope to be mindful this weekend and become more aware of my camping and trekking needs.

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Live, Love & Inspire!

Teale’s Universe

Today is a beautiful new day, a day of wonder. I feel the need to be here in the present moment. Although I can’t get this feeling–dread and excitement for the future–out of my gut. I am embarking on a journey that is unimaginable, and my lovely journey as an adolescent making her way through college is coming to a close. My professional career awaits me. I have very few hurtles to jump over before I become the person I was always meant to be.

My future is untold, for I see that a move and drastic change is so near. I know that I have the stuff I need to get to where I want to go. For now I just need patience, to forge a path that will lead me to success. I will create two courses for myself that I will build upon for years. For now I need two things for my foreseeable future. I need to create an electronic portfolio of all my projects, and I need to create a website to hold artifacts that I will create in the future. A layout, if you will, for me to place multiple forms of media in a show case for future employers.

I look forward to my future, and wonder what it might hold. I know my fight is worth everything, and the battle is only just beginning