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Autumn woodland treasure sculpture

Natural Crafting

My favorite things combined. Making something fun out of the materials nature provides. Here are some great crafting ideas.


Chalkboard Paint Projects

Learning how to make my own chalk board paint I was excited to discover new ideas. After countless hours on Pinterest these were some of my favorite ideas.

Backpacking in Montana

This trip was beautiful and a true character building Experience. Our task was to bring as light of a pack as possible and venture to the Wilderness. Videographer Adam VanZee documents our travels.

Wearable Fiber Optic Project

This project is credited to Natalina and her Instructable on how to make a fiber optic dress. My iteration of this was to make a no sew version that could be worn on top of any outfit.


At first it was too much to consider. Nevertheless, after some time to practice formulas I was able to combine all the data in the spreadsheet and add necessary HTML to save as a .csv and import to the web.

@ artsforall.ca

Digital Marae Study

In 2001, I took an art history class that allowed me to become the expert in the Maori culture. I particularly loved Artist Lisa Reihana's take on Maori legend.

Photoshop Basics

Most of my knowledge of Adobe is self taught. I've created a few tutorials for photoshop and reminders for shortcuts. This is the first tutorial about the basics.

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