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Friday, I should have been playing the FML theme song. I found a plugin that is compatible with illustrator, and it only works with the PC version of my CS6 license exclusively for Mac … FML!!!

The tutorial seems like what I wanted, but it’s more expensive than the Bernia software: 

After some research I was able to answer the question: How much would it be to get a CC license and buy the Embroidery i2 plugin? Looks like it would be $20/mo for a year for Ai CC. Two years of that would exceed the price I paid for multiple programs, but they are only licensed for use on my Mac, not my PC … even so. DANG!

There was someone asking about the Embroidery i2 plugin a few years ago on the Adobe forum.. my response is as follows: 

I’ve been heavily researching this topic… The tutorial video looks like it would be perfect .. However, it’s not compatible with my version of illustrator on the operating system my license is for… so to pay $20/mo for a program I already have and pay $3500 for the plugin PLUS annual fees of $1500… *sigh* it’s everything I’ve been looking for and “surprisingly” its NOT affordable (for an amateur such as myself). Figures, I think more and more every day Embird Embroidery Software is winning. In response to the other comment, Embird and programs that are compatible with vector drawing don’t auto convert. Certainly, auto conversion/ auto tracing is not ideal… just like in Illustrator. However, when you import your vector file the goal is to use the vector paths/curves to make the design the way you want it sewn.. without having to re-draw a logo (which is not advised). Embrid PLUS Font Engine Plug-in = $400-$500 (How to Import Vector Graphics with Embird. Unfortunately, the trial version of the software doesn’t let you try it out and I have yet to see a decent tutorial on it). However, my findings are that this combination is the obvious choice. Even with this illustrator embroidery plugin; you would still need to learn how to use the plugin like any other embroidery software. So you might as well buy a new program, built for the trade, that fits your budget. Additionally a software with numerous free tutorials available to help you learn how it works. Sadly, Embroidery i2 for Adobe Illustrator was too good to be true 

Sounds like I need to buy Embird. I don’t think my 2003 Embird license and my 2003 Font Engine is compatible with the vector import feature. The menu is totally different now, and I can’t figure it out if it does or not..  which is a bummer. Perhaps, I could buy the base program and Font Engine Plug-in (with vector import feature) for my birthday, at which point I would feel better about spending that kind of money.  In the end, it would be worth it. 


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