Batch Resize Product Photos for Web

In the last year, I learned how to automate images in Photoshop with the “Actions” panel. This has been a learning experience for me. At first I was really frustrated that the batch automate was hit or miss, this was mainly due to the images being various shapes and sizes. I didn’t quite understand that landscape and portrait orientation photos would require different actions. What I have learned to streamline the process is to not only use actions, but to also use photoshop scripts, namely the image processor. Which was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  

The tutorial “How to Batch Resize in Photoshop” found on, taught me how to easily apply photoshop scripts. When combining the actions and the scripts I was able to achieve my goal, and resize all product images to the google shopping approved size. My output is required to be 800×800 pixels, and I need to save them for web. The script resizes the photos, the actions add padding and make them square. 

Step 1: Organize your images (make a folder with landscape orientation and another folder with portrait orientation).

Step 2: Open an example of both types of photos and record the desired action for each orientation. 

My actions are as follows:

(a) Image > Canvas Size > (change dimensions to “Percent”) > “115” for both height and width (only needed if images don’t include padding).

(b) Image > Canvas Size > (I prefer to view Pixels, but it doesn’t really matter) Copy the biggest number and replace with the smallest number so the canvas becomes square. 

(c) Save for web, change dimensions to 800×800 pixels, high / 10 quality, optimized for web > Click “Save.” 

(d) Close the image (CMMD+W or CTRL+W).

Step 3: Open Image Processor and set your resize setting to the desired length, mine is 800 px for both dimensions. 

Step 4: Choose one of the folders you organized in step one and the corresponding action, run the script and wait for your images to complete. Repeat for the other folder/action. 

** note: saving images for web will create an error at the end of the script, b/c the photos will not save where the script is trying to save them to. I’m ignoring this error for now. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but for now this works! **

I recommend spot checking to make sure there aren’t any images that are off, if you find these you probably had them in the wrong folder.

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