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Chalkboard Paint Tutorials

There are a few ways to make custom chalkboard paint and create fun DIY signs, objects, organizers .. the list goes on an on. The following tutorials are linked to the images in this post. They will help open your eyes to the wonderful world of chalkboard ideas for your home. I encourage craft lovers to explore several ideas from others on how to make custom chalkboard paint, and what to DO with it.

1) Chalkboard Wall

Non-sanded grout + Latex paint in any color + Mixing cup or bucket + Brush or roller + Drill w/ paint mixer attachment = Chalkboard Wall Paint

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2) Chalkboard Paint with Any Color

1/2 cup acrylic paint + 1 tablespoon unsanded grout + mixing cup or bowl + spoon + paint brush+ object or board you plan to paint on = Colorful DIY Chalkboard Paint

colorful chalkboard paint recipe

3) Paint on Anything

1 cup paint + 1 tablespoon unsanded grout + Goodwill Object = Creative Chalkboard Sign

slate and tada

Once you choose the recipe to use and get the materials together, it is time to get creative. The Gallery below has some of my favorite DIY chalkboard ideas from pinterest. From what I have seen the sky is the limit on creative chalkboard ideas. ^_^

Check out more fun chalkboard DIY craft ideas on pinterest! To see the sites I drew these ideas from look below. *NOTE: hover your mouse over the link to see the title, which will refer to the topic of chalkboard paint craft ideas and tutorials from the www and will open in a new tab.

I’d like to thank the following domains for this awesome chalkboard paint ideas:

Happy Crafting!

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Spring Craft - Jacquie Fisher

Nature Inspired Craft Ideas

I was a craft lover and a nature wanderer growing up. I remember some of my favorite craft projects as a child began with gathering natural items on a hike. When we returned to the house I would create art with rocks, twigs, flowers, etc. I have been exploring DIY craft ideas that combine nature and craft time, to inspire future projects with kids. Click the pictures in the index below to go to the corresponding craft tutorial page:

1) Flower Texture Art

    Construction paper + Oil Pastels + Wild flowers + glue = Flower Landscape

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2) Maple Seed & Twig Art

    Maple Seeds + Twigs + Paint + Hot Glue = Cute Nature creatures ie: Dragon Flies

Autumn woodland treasure sculpture

3) Nature Weaving

    Twigs + string + plants + leaves + grass = Nature Weaving Craft

Kirtsen's Craftiments

4) Rainbow Flower Banner

    Cloth + Craft Glue + Ribbion + Various Colored Plants = Rainbow Craft

nature rainbow project

5) Personalized Nature Pals

    sticks & twigs + hand pruners + hot glue + flat stone + colored pencils + nature objects + twine = personalized nature pals

nature pals

6) Flowers Faires

    Natural items + card stock + crayons/ markers + glue = Flower Faires

Flower faires

7) Nature Filled Sun Catcher

    Clear contact paper + A plate + Nature items + yarn = Nature Sun Catcher

nature sun catcher

8) Twig Heart Michelle Made Me

    Cereal box + twigs + scissors/utility knife + pencil + eraser + white glue + hot glue = Twig Heart.

michelle made me

9) Alphabet Painted Rocks

    26 Smooth rocks + Acrylic paint + Paint brushes + Sharpie + Clear Satin Glaze = Alpahbet Rocks

Alpha Rocks

10) Rain Scapes

    rain + pancake watercolors + paper + mortar & pestle = Rain Scapes

rain scales

11) Rock Animals

    White cement glue + Stones + Non-drying clay + Coffee stirrers + Paintbrushes = Rock AniPals

Rock Turtle

12) Flower Pound on Fabric

    1 yard of white or off-white 100% cotton fabric + Alum + Washing Soda + Clean Bucket + Water + Old wooden cutting board + Iron + Ironing board + Scissors + Wax Paper + Masking Tape + Hammer + Flowers + Fine Tip Permanent Marking Pen or Fabric Pen = Custom Natural T-shirt Design

flower pounding

13) Hammered leaf and flower prints

    flowers/ leaves + watercolor paper + selection of hammers + hard work surface + paper towels + scissors + a pen + tweezers/ toothpicks + tape + acrylic finishing spray = Natural prints on watercolor paper

hammered leaf and flower prints

14) Natural Candle Holder

    Pressed Leaves or Flowers + Votive Cup + Tissue Paper + Decoupage Solution + Foam Brushes = Glowing Leaves

glowing leaves

15) Whootastic Pinecone Owls

    3 Open Pinecones + White craft stuffing + 1 sheet of brown felt + Large goggly eyes + Scissors + Hot Glue + A stick = Pinecone Owls

pinecone owl craft

16) Andy Goldsworthy for Kids

    assortment of leaves + glue + canvas = Leaf Mosaic

AG for kids

17) Autumn Crowns

    duct tape + brown paper grocery bags + scissors + colorful mix of leaves, flowers, & misc. embellishments = Natural Crown

Autumn Nature Crown

18) Printing with leaves

    assortment of leaves + paint/ ink + paper = nature print

nature print

19) Twig & Bead Trees

    paper beads + twigs + string + scissors + handsaw + drill w/ tiny bit + large-eyed needle = Handmade tree ornament

Tree Ornament

20) Hanging Leaves

    Colorful leaves + Bleached beeswax + Double boiler + Monofilament + Clothespins = Waxed Leaf Mobile

hanging leaves

Happy Crafting!

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Inspirational Memes

I would like to introduce you all to the positive realm of tealesworld. I am truly inspired by the world around me; by nature, love, acceptance, kindness, art, learning, and educating. I believe that we all have the power to live life in the state of mind that we choose. We create our own destinies and all experiences, no matter if they are good or bad, lead us towards personal growth. I have made more than 1000 . . . NO a billion mistakes in my life, and I wouldn’t take a single one of them back. We learn so much about our selves by where we have been and what we have survived. It’s difficult to remember that our pain is one side of a coin, and our joy is the other. We need both of these things in our lives, our experience is an extension of our very essence. That being said, here is a blog that is built to share my joy, adventure, and fruitful elements one might take away from everyday life . . . with you.

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Today is a beautiful new day, a day of wonder. I feel the need to be here in the present moment. Although I can’t get this feeling–dread and excitement for the future–out of my gut. I am embarking on a journey that is unimaginable, and my lovely journey as an adolescent making her way through college is coming to a close. My professional career awaits me. I have very few hurtles to jump over before I become the person I was always meant to be.

My future is untold, for I see that a move and drastic change is so near. I know that I have the stuff I need to get to where I want to go. For now I just need patience, to forge a path that will lead me to success. I will create two courses for myself that I will build upon for years. For now I need two things for my foreseeable future. I need to create an electronic portfolio of all my projects, and I need to create a website to hold artifacts that I will create in the future. A layout, if you will, for me to place multiple forms of media in a show case for future employers.

I look forward to my future, and wonder what it might hold. I know my fight is worth everything, and the battle is only just beginning